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GLFinder utilizes a sentiment analysis language model to rate how a reddit post is received by the community. It also offers filtering options, and a streamlined frontend. This can help you find better products easier.

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Since it was founded in 2020, the idea and the concept haven't changed much: Find quality control pictures (QC pics), that have received a GL (green light) rating through a comfortable frontend.

In the early days, this was done by looking for the literal words GL/RL, which of course only captured a tiny fraction of the customer opinion. The word list was extended to include good, bad, best and worst. Still under ten words.

The 2023 language model contains over 2000 words with different weights. It's continuosly being adapted to fit our community and the way we speak. The large wordlist makes it possible to rate almost every post.

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Sadly, GLFinder is the first page of ours, that rolls out without agent-ambiguity. At this point, it's Pandabuy only. This is a technical limitation. But you can use the My Agent Browser Extension to convert links (you still need to at least have a Pandabuy account). We will look for a way to offer this dynamic functionality without multiplying reddit api requests.

Disclaimer: displays posts from and enriches them with sentiment analysis of the comments. This is done through a Reddit API, is not a curated list. It is a neutral display of posts, not a list of featured or promoted posts. If you have complaints about any of the items displayed here, click the report flag and report it on reddit, to get reddit to take it down. No warranties for correctness of information. CH Web Development is not affiliated with any items or brands shown. We do not take responsibility for content of external sites.

Advertisement transparency: All shopping agent ( / / / / / / links are affiliate links for agents. This includes the price tag buttons, buy buttons, *-tagged links and the links embedded in images. We do not get a commission for the sale of the item, only for their function as a freight forwarder.

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